Frequently Asked Questions about us...

Q. Why do you do it?
A. We LOVE giving you AMAZING pictures with which to remember your AMAZING moments.

Q. But Uncle Bob has a nice camera and takes GOOD pictures.
A. It's not just about taking GOOD pictures. ANYONE can take AMAZING pictures with ANY level of camera from the most expensive professional camera to a point and shoot disposable one. The true question is one of experience. How many weddings has Uncle Bob shot? What if something happens to his camera? Does Uncle Bob have a backup? What if something happens to Uncle Bob when the moment comes? Does Uncle Bob have an additional photographer working to ensure the moment is recorded. Experience also brings consistency. What is Uncle Bob's ratio of GOOD pictures to BAD? Does Uncle Bob take over three thousand shots during the course of the day? Because I know we do. We have backup equipment in a case a camera is dropped. God forbid something happen to one of our team, but if it does, we always have two photographers on site. We can keep on shooting. Does Uncle Bob have a website to host your pictures in beautifully designed GALLERIES with a robust picture ordering system or will Uncle Bob simply mail you a disc and make all your friends and relatives contact you for prints? If something happens to YOUR copy of the images, does Uncle Bob have non-corruptable backups stored in a secure location? Because we do. Like we said, it's not just about taking GREAT pictures. It's also about providing a service with the quality experience provides.

Q. What kind of photography do you do?
A. We are "Lifestyle Wedding Photographers" which means we capture life as it happens but we give it a little help to get the most amazing shots.

Q. Do you shoot posed shots?
A. We LOVE capturing the moment. Capturing the moment when a couple's eyes meet for the first time as they begin their ceremony. Grabbing the moment just before the consummating kiss seals the deal. We LOVE to lean out from around the corner and grab a shot of Mom and Dad celebrating with their baby. No masks. No pretenses. Pure JOY. We LOVE it. We also understand this is the BEST the whole family has looked in a while. This is the PERFECT time to get a group shot. We'll grab them posed. We'll grab them discreetly. We'll grab them journalistically. We'll grab them however you want them grabbed. Yes. We shoot posed shots. If that's what YOU want.

Q. Are you professional?
A. Have we mentioned the NINJA-STEALTH thing? We dress in black. We move stealthily through the crowd. Only the quiet click click betrays our presence. We leave the shuriken at home. The day's about YOU. Not us. Our job is to make sure you have something with which to remember your AMAZING day. No acrobatics. No funny stuff. Only AMAZING pictures. If we can help out along the way, all the better. We've amassed a library of random knowledge about all kinds of things wedding related. Need to know how to hold the knife to cut the cake? What DO you do with your engagement ring during the ceremony? How do you fold the pocket hankie in your suit? These things and more we have locked away in our noggins. Our team is made up of TALENTED and EXPERIENCED photographers who know how to get the shot again and again. When it comes to the post work, we've got you covered. We have decades of post experience making pictures more beautiful than ever imagined. From start to finish, we know our job. And our job is giving you treasures to remember the moments.

Q. Where are the packages?
A. We believe in choice. While we have a lot of experience with weddings, we don't know exactly what YOU want until you tell us. Want three hours of coverage? No problem! Want thirteen hours of coverage, a portrait sitting and a custom designed album? We have you covered! Our philosophy is you get what you pay for, and if you don't want it, you shouldn't have to pay for it. For you diy-ers, head over to our diy wedding collection page and get started. Want to talk to a warm body? Give us a ring and lay it out.

Q. How do you set your prices?
A. Our job doesn't begin and end on your wedding day. We have a great team working behind the scenes to deliver fantastic images seamlessly. If cost is the issue, there will always be someone who can do it cheaper. Quality demands experience and experience demands expense. That being said, the goal is never to "rip someone off". Weeks go into the design and edit of images and albums so that you get a product that exceed your expectations. We LOVE what we do, but we also have bills to pay and bread to bring home.

Q. Do you shoot with film or digital?
A. We shoot ONE HUNDRED PERCENT digital. We do this for a variety of reasons. Shooting digitally allows us to shoot FAR more. At any given wedding, we often shoot between THREE and EIGHT THOUSAND pictures. There is no way we could perform such a shooting spree with film. The cost of stock and processing would be too much. Because we shoot digitally, we also KNOW that we got the shot. We are able to bring up the image on the back of the camera to check for exposure, weird faces, closed eyes or anything else that might prevent a great shot. Shooting digitally also allows us to enhance the images in post production without having to go through a scanning process which is time consuming and expensive. Having shot happily for years and years with film cameras, we FIRMLY believe digital is the better format for weddings.

Q. How do you capture your images?
A. We capture our images using Digital SLR Cameras. We use matching Canon glass to ensure the highest quality. We shoot the images in a RAW mode. This allows us a huge amount of tolerance when balancing and color correcting the images. This also means we never have to go from a lower resolution to a higher one. You get the best quality available.

Q. Who will photograph my wedding?
A. We have a team of fantastic photographers who each specialize in wedding photography. Each team member has been rigorously training with Claire & Nathan Presnall just for this moment. Each step in the training process prepares them for any and every contingency. Our goal is to match your wedding photography needs with the most perfect photographer for you. Want lots of posed shots and aren't a huge fan of candids? Well, we have a photographer for you. Prefer a looser, photojournalistic style with only a few posed shots to make your mom happy? Then you'll need someone else on the team. Rather than forcing photographers to shoot in a style they aren't comfortable with, we are able to match your style with our style and deliver exactly the kinds of images you want. No matter what, you always get two photographers, two takes on your event, and two sets of eyes roving for that perfect shot.

Q. How long have you been shooting?
A. We have been shooting since we were little. We have been shooting weddings professionally since 2001, some of us longer. We plan on shooting until our trigger finger no longer bends enough to click the shutter, and they have to wheel us around on gurneys.

Q. How do you manage to do it SO right?
A. We've been around the block a time or two, and we've seen a lot of people doing it SO wrong. We finally got fed up WATCHING it happen SO WRONG and decided to DO something about it. We figured SOMEONE needed to do it RIGHT. Why not us? That's one of our promises to YOU. To do it RIGHT.

Q. Do you shoot things that aren't weddings?
A. After your wedding, your friends and family will start asking about the babies. When are you having babies? Well, you certainly wouldn't want to go through all of that excitement and then realize you don't have any great pictures. We provide maternity portrait sittings as well as a Baby's First Year series of packages. Don't forget the rest of the family. We do portrait sessions on location and can include your four-legged family members as well. And now the babies are growing up and off to school. Remember those awful school portraits with the ugly backgrounds and the half-blinking expression? Don't submit your children to the same pain. We provide fun School Portraits that really capture your child's light. If you have a business and need a headshot or a picture of your products. We do those as well. Planning an event and not sure you're at the right place? Well you are. Looking for some artwork to decorate your house? Give us a call. We provide photography for every stage of life. And if you want to see our non-wedding work, hop on over to our portrait site.

Don't just take our word for it:

Claire & Beth I cannot thank you enough for everything you did on our special day. These pictures are so good and beautiful – I cannot WAIT to see the rest of them. Thank you!
--Nicole & Rex, April 24, 2010

Thanks so much for everything! Your picture choices are great! Every time I look through them, I want to do the whole weekend over again.
--Sarah Beth & Richard, May 23, 2009

The pictures are fantastic!! You truly captured every moment beautifully!!  Great job, I am sooo happy with them and I will definitely spread the word.  :)
-- Ashleigh & Tim, May 3, 2008

You captured everything beautifullly! I look so forward to working with you on future needs. You made the day ridiculously easy!
-- Jessie & Jerry, August 31, 2007

Thank you for the awesome job that you did in photographing my wedding. Our pictures turned out so great, and you were always so professional during the whole process. If anyone asks about a photographer, I will definitely refer them to you.
-- Stacey & Thomas, March 18, 2006

Thank you again for the wonderful job you did capturing our wedding. I can't believe how cool you were amidst all the chaos! It was really a pleasure to have you there with us and we consider you an invaluable part of the whole experience.
-- Jan & Chip, July 2, 2005